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Health and Fitness Center

Award Amount: $144.00
Volunteer(s): Richard McKinney
Locations(s): Mabarrat Um Al Hussein, Amman, Jordan
Dates(s): March 15, 2012-April 15, 2012
Participants: 45 women ages 18-47

To address inadequacies in health education and opportunities for women and children (the targets of this project), we used an empty space to create a twice-weekly yoga class. With Friends of Jordan funding we purchased 10 yoga mats, which was matched by an in-kind community contribution of additional yoga mats, light weights, and a separate donation of health and fitness charts from Chartex, an international distribution, that were dispersed through the yoga room where the women exercise.

With further donations and funding from the community and parnered organizations, we have been able to add to this project by building an adjoining gym to the yoga studio. Ideally, what was once an empty space that was rarely used will now be the focus of health and fitness activities.

Classes have already begun with resident and experienced teachers volunteering their time, and a regular following of women is developing. We hope that as word continues to spread, more women will join the yoga sessions.

Thank you Friends of Jordan!

World Map Project

Award Amount: $82.60
Volunteer(s): Richard McKinney
Locations(s): Mabarrat Um Al Hussein, Amman, Jordan
Dates(s): January 1, 2012 - February 5, 2012
Participants: 20 males, 3 females ages 6-18

The World Map Project was seen as an opportunity to educate the children of the Mabarrat Um Al Hussein orphanage about geography and their place in the greater context of the world. Staff and children entered the project very excited, and finished very proud of the work that they did.

The funds from the Friends of Jordan grant were used to purchase the paint and several brushes for the project. Evenings were spent with several different age groups of the boys from the orphanage, as well as community members and volunteers working on the map. A great result of the activity was the way that children began to recognize the true size of the world, and the place of Jordan within it. A truly wonderful activity, thanks to FOJ!

Youth Leadership Training Camp

Award Amount: $100.00
Volunteer(s): E. Ursler
Locations(s): Seru
Dates(s): May 2007
Participants: 60 students

60 chosen youth from 12 youth centers throughout Jordan attended this year’s 3-day Youth Leadership Traning Camp at Seru, Jordan. Located near Al Salt, the facility provided an excellent location for the youth leaders to learn leadership and facilitating skills, and how to use them in leading a new Teambuilding and Drama program at their individual centers. The youth took part in numerous challenges and games. Each activity was followed by a discussion about lessons learned and their relevance to real-life situations. We used grant money for translation during the camp and to print English and Arabic manuals. Summer youth leaders and their PCVs will conduct follow-up Teambuilding and Drama workshops at their youth centers. Building on last year’s inaugural leadership camp, this year’s camp was a huge success and the YD PCVs in Jordan are looking forward to more such camps in the near future. I would like to thank FOJ for their support of this project.

Portraits of Kom El-Ahmar Photography Exhibition

Award Amount: $150.00
Volunteer(s): M. Greer
Locations(s): Amman and Kom El-Ahmar
Governorate(s): ,
Dates(s): July-September 2006
Participants: 23 boys, ages 11-14

An additional FOJ grant was supposed to fund a second photography workshop in July 2006. However, delayed notification of grant status, difficulty contacting students after the school year, and lack of teacher commitment required a change in focus. Instead, the grant award was used to publish and exhibit the students’ photography. 35 photographs were professionally edited, enlarged, and printed to create a student exhibition. Arrangements were then made with the Canvas restaurant and art lounge in Amman, Jebel Lwebdiah to display the students’ work. Canvas was the ideal location because of its proximity to a local park and the National Gallery of Fine Art: it was the perfect destination for a student field trip.

Canvas even contributed lunch for the visiting students. The remainder of project funding was used to bring 24 students and two teachers on a trip to see their work displayed at Canvas, and visit the neighboring National Gallery and park. Despite the managerial challenges from 24 boys, all parties were thankful for the opportunities afforded by the trip. The story of our photography project, along with the student’s photographs are featured on the school’s new website:

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