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Summer School in Gwairah

Award Amount: $142.00
Volunteer(s): Aisha Sherbiny
Locations(s): Gwairah, Aqaba
Dates(s): June 13-16, 2011
Participants: 15 girls ages 9-15

The summer camp that took place in my village at the elementary school was for both elementary and high school students. It was an environmental camp where we focused on singing, drawing, putting on plays and designing T-shirts. We also talked about time management and how to stay productive during the summer.

The support that I received from FOJ (Friends of Jordan) was essential to complete my summer school successfully as the fund covered the costs for transportation, T-Shirts, school supplies, water bottles, fruits and other healthy snacks.

The students learned about the environment and how to protect themselves against the sun and, of course, I took the opportunity to talk about the importance of planting trees in the village.

The students shared their ideas about healthy food and talked about their personal diets. They all agreed that eating healthy food and living in a clean environment are big elements to being productive.

The young learners created short plays and performed in front of the whole group. Two others volunteers came to Gwairah to help me teach the students English, French, Spanish, and German songs.

I was delighted to hear parents in the village talking about what their children learned in my camp. It was a big reward to hear such comments.

The girls enthusiastically enjoyed designing their T-shirts and showed their talents by creating unique styles.

Students and parents appreciated that transportation was provided in such  a hot weather, as most of the students live a couple of miles away from school.

My students promised to eat more fruits and vegetables, to drink lots of water, and to stay productive in summer.


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