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We Love Reading Workshop

Award Amount: $150.00
Volunteer(s): Andrea Fourness
Locations(s): Marge Community Center
Dates(s): November 16, 2011 - November 16, 2012
Participants: 10 women aged 25-50

The We Love Reading workshop involved 10 women from different villages in Karak who were trained on how to start a reading program in their villages.  The lead trainer, Rana Dajani, is from Jordan and has successfully implemented the reading program in her village and has trained woman throughout the Middle East.  You can find out more about her work at The women enthusiastically participated in the workshop, brainstormed ways to implement the reading program, and modeled different reading strategies to engage children.  Each woman was given 20 books to start her library, and opportunities to purchase more books at a discounted rate in the future.  Currently the participants are reading to children in schools, mosques and community centers, as well as distributing books to the children that attend the programs so they can read at home.  Karak Peace Corps volunteers were involved in the training, and continue to support the woman trained in implementing the reading program. The funds provided by FOJ were used to purchase snacks for the participants, reimburse for travel expenses and books.

Aye Environmental Camp

Award Amount: $82.00
Volunteer(s): Sarah Chace
Locations(s): Aye
Dates(s): April 27-30, 2011
Participants: 10 female students, age 14-18

The Aye Environmental Camp involved ten girls in environmental awareness, appreciation and action in their small community of Aye, Kerak. The girls participated in a three day workshop that focused on environmental appreciation, local and national environmental problems, and solutions. Moreover, students used critical and creative thinking skills during the camp, which improved their ability to approach other problem solving situations.

The first day of the camp was an interactive lecture on the national and local environmental problems. The girls actively participated in discussion on the problems in Jordan and came up with various solutions. By the end of the day, the students came up with five promises, which were life style changes the Aye Girls Youth Center promised to make, in order to address the problems of waste management, water conservation, and pollution. In addition, each girl made a cut out of her hand and wrote her personal five goals for the year on each finger, and the hands were hung in the entrance of the center.

The second day was a clean up day, where the girls in groups of two picked up trash around the center. The also separated trash into a pile to be thrown away and a pile of trash that was used for art projects.

The third day was a celebration of the environment. Girls made trash to art projects with other artistic creations which expressed their appreciation and feelings towards their environment.



The Very Hungry Caterpillar Summer Camp

Award Amount: $105.00
Volunteer(s): Lupe Perez
Locations(s): Al-Yarout
Dates(s): July 17-21, 2011
Participants: 31 girls and 15 boys ages 4-7

The Very Hungry Caterpillar Summer Camp used Eric Carle’s book as the framework for a one week summer camp for children in grades kindergarten to 3rd grade. Every day we had two sessions with the exception of the last day. Kindergarten and 1st grade had the first session and 2nd and 3rd grade had the second session.

Each day the book was read and followed up with an activity that drew upon a theme from the book. The first day’s theme was numbers. Kindergarten and 1st graders made a caterpillar where each part of the caterpillar was a number and resulted in 10 parts. Grades 2nd to 3rd grade did the same activity except that instead of concentrating on numbers 1-10 they concentrated on 10-100 in 10 increments. In addition, they did worksheets tracing the words, numbers and matching the corresponding word to the corresponding number. The second day’s theme was days of the week and for older kids we added a second theme which was fruit vocabulary. The student’s played a matching days of the week game. The days of the week were written in Arabic and English and they had to match the day of the week in English and Arabic. The older students also played BINGO with fruit vocabulary. The third day’s theme was colors. The students both learned the colors in English, the color wheel and had an opportunity to watercolor pictures of butterflies and caterpillars. The fourth day’s theme was the butterfly cycle. They all drew the butterfly cycle, made a caterpillar and watercolored a butterfly. On the final day we reviewed everything and distributed the certificates.

We used the funds from Friends of Jordan to buy art supplies (glue, construction paper, watercolors, tracing paper, coloring books), copies, and the pop up version of “The Very Hungry Caterpillar”.


Earth Day Tree Planting in Gwaireh

Award Amount: $150.00
Volunteer(s): A. Sherbiny
Locations(s): Gwairah
Dates(s): March 2010
Participants: 30 male, 20 female

The trees that I planted in the village brought the community together, as more than fifty villagers volunteered to complete the project. Parents and kids were engaged in picking up trash, preparing the land, and planting and watering trees. I call this project “The Planting Festival,” a chance for villagers to have fun while improving the community.

The trees will add beauty and shade to the property, while hopefully it encourage villagers to make Gwairah green.  I used the trees as an example to promote environmental awareness in preparation for Earth Day. I celebrated Earth Day in school with my students and I invited all the community leaders. The Peace Corps program manager, program and training assistant, and PCV J12 attended the celebration. All guests were pleased with the work that I did in the community and appreciated my efforts to beautify the village. My Earth Day celebration was mentioned in the US Embassy’s newsletter.

English is Fun Summer Camp

Award Amount: $90.00
Volunteer(s): L. Melindrim
Locations(s): Hussienieh
Dates(s): July 2009
Participants: 40 female students, ages 8-14

The camp combined language games, art projects, and sports activities.  The FOJ funds went to purchase markers, paints, scissors, paper, pencils, ingredients to make several batches of cookies, stickers, and some small prizes for the winning teams in different games.  I worked hard to make the younger girls feel comfortable participating in activities with the older girls, and by the end of the week even the shy ones were fitting in well.  Though some girls came and went on different days, there was a core group of about 25 girls who came for almost the whole time, which is much better student retention than I have ever had with my college classes.  Many of the girls told me that they had fun and that they hoped there would be camp again next summer.

Art Expressions Camp

Award Amount: $295.00
Volunteer(s): A. Ballestas, C. James
Locations(s): Rajef, Ghor Al-Safi
Governorate(s): ,
Dates(s): June-July 2009
Participants: 7 male, 12 female, ages 7-24

From June 16-18 the students  from the Rajef Society of Special Education had an opportunity to express themselves through the process of making art.  The students started the camp with face-masks that they molded onto each other faces with paper-mache- their faces all covered in paper-mache- was quite a laugh –then later decorated with feathers, stickers, and paint.  The day moved on with wall mural painting, where the students hand-printed the Jordan flag, drew flowers, and people. The staff and I had the great opportunity to witness a planed mural between the older the students- they each gave each other a role, of what to draw and paint; resulting in a great painting of desert mountains with a camel and flowers. Other activities were tie dying shirts with Tumeric and Habiscus, photo-frame decorating, and food art – making pizza faces, peanut-butter clay creatures and falafel eating fun.  After each activity many of the students were eager to share with others,what they have made.

As well, as the students having an entertaining time, the students were also able to put into practice in progressing their developmental skills  improving their self-awareness, self-expression, gross and fine motor skills, confidence, focus, and task sequencing.  Regardless of the severity of their disabilties the laughter as they scared each other with their mask, and the jumping up and down across the room of the enjoyment of seeing themselves on a picture with their classmates expressed an unlimited amount of feelings.


English Teachers’ Workshop: Thinking Outside the Book

Award Amount: $150
Volunteer(s): N. Marwah, J. Hirshcy
Locations(s): Karak
Dates(s): August 2007
Participants: 103 teachers, ages 25-45

Thinking Outside the Book was a two-day workshop designed to supplement the Action Pack curriculum currently used in Jordanian public schools. The tactic of activity-based learning was well received by the school districts and English supervisors. The first day, we covered activity-based lessons for elementary grades (1st -5th ) using the four skills (reading, writing, listening, speaking). Day two covered secondary grades (6th -10th ) and was done in the same format. Additionally, we did sessions on class management, making worksheets, reasons students are learning English, assessment tools, teaching through games, as well as a brief session on replicating the workshop. During the sessions, teachers were divided into groups and told to brainstorm and come up with creative activities for certain subject matter. The participation and enthusiasm from the teachers was overwhelming and we were extremely pleased with the outcome and support we received from the district supervisors. The attendance was beyond what we had imagined and we were able to reach a large number of teachers in the two districts. The workshop was completed at the beginning of the 2007-2008 academic year, therefore enabling teachers to refresh material and start the year with new ideas.

The teachers also filled out evaluations for us and found the sessions on class management and making worksheets especially helpful. One teacher commented “The sessions were helpful because they were new, creative, simple, and easy to implement in class…” Another teacher wrote “thank you for the best workshop I have ever had…” Teachers also wrote about the importance of collaboration: “This workshop gave us time to learn new ideas and to share our ideas with our colleagues…”

All of FOJ funds were used to print manuals for the workshops.

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