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Special Education Workshops

Award Amount: $52.00
Volunteer(s): J. Clemmens
Locations(s): Ma'adi, near Deir Alla
Dates(s): May 2007
Participants: 600, ages 5 to 50

All of the J10 Special Education volunteers, along with 1-4 counterparts met for a one-day workshop in Ma’adi (near Deir Alla, near Salt). The morning started with a workshop presented by Reema, a Speech and Language Pathologist from the Holy Land Institute for the Deaf in Salt. She talked about the different speech disorders and ways of teaching students who are nonverbal. After her workshop (which she presented in both English and Arabic) the group headed over to the girl’s school to watch the play “Hamudi and the Sea Cruise”. This play was special because all of the actors were children and adults with special needs. 500 girls from the girl’s school were able to watch the play, and in addition, around 50 young boys from the boy’s school snuck over to watch the play as well (a true sign of success!) After the play, the director, Muhamed gave an hour long workshop on the importance of drama, and ways to use drama in a classroom of children with special needs. The hosts of the center prepared a wonderful lunch of Magluba and the participants were able to talk about their different classrooms and experiences. FOJ grant funds were used to fund the transportation of volunteers and counterparts. We hope to continue this workshop series, with another workshop in August, with the incoming J11 Special Education group.

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