Al-Hussein University Project Design and Management Conference

Award Amount: $91.00
Volunteer(s): Emily Scott and Veronica Muoio
Locations(s): Al-Hussein University, Ma'an
Dates(s): November 2012 to December 2012
Participants: 40 male and female college students

Every Tuesday morning for seven weeks, a group of students gathered to talk. Some of these students were interested in the arts, some in education, others, in business– what all of them had in common was a desire to help others.  They brought their big ideas and left their egos at home. Over the course of our seven week Project Design and Management workshop, students collaboratively transformed their big ideas and passions into concrete project plans they hope to carry out in the university.


Throughout the workshope, students worked as groups in activities ranging from building straw towers, a fun teambuilding warm-up, to creating and presenting community maps of the University, which show different interpretations and usages of space. FOJ funds provided the materials for all these activities, as well as for handouts and packets for student reference (and for homework!).


Their first big project will be to create a Student Volunteer Advisory Committee to structure and support student volunteer initatives on campus. They will use the skills they learned during the PDM workshop, including PACA tools, identifying vision, goals, and objectives, creating an action plan, and delegating roles and responsbilities.. Inshallah we will continue working with these generous and creative students in an advising role as they take the reins of the SVAC and begin to implement their projects!


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Roman Column in JerashFigs
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