Art in Tafilah

Award Amount: $90.00
Volunteer(s): E. Van
Locations(s): Tafilah
Dates(s): July 2007
Participants: 20 students, grades 10 to 15

Coming from an art background, I noticed that the youth in Jordan, both males and females, have a hard time expressing themselves. I don’t hear anyone speaking about reading an interesting book, or drawing a pretty picture. I haven’t heard many poems or seen clothes that express mood or personality. Also, I don’t see fine arts or creative majors listed in universities.

We set up an art program for a short period of time. The art program allowed “shebob” and “shebat” to express themselves creatively on paper with pencil, charcoal or ink. The program ran for 2 or 3 days a week for a full month. I used FOJ funds to purchase sketch pads for each student, along with ink, charcoal, crayons and reems of printer paper. Paper and certificates were also donated by the center. Each day of class, I taught a specific lesson; portrait, cartoons, landscape, the human figure, animals and perspective drawing.

The students were welcoming to some of the topic matter, but were hesitant when they thought it was difficult. Moving passed their frustrations, they accepted new ideas and had fun using new materials. I think that for the first time, they enjoyed their homework, which was really to draw whatever they learned that day. At the end, all the students were given certificates and 5 of those students were given new sketch pads. One merited student received a charcoal and eraser set and the entire class gave eachother a round of applause for particapating. I also welcomed them all back for next year.

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