Art Expressions Camp

Award Amount: $295.00
Volunteer(s): A. Ballestas, C. James
Locations(s): Rajef, Ghor Al-Safi
Governorate(s): ,
Dates(s): June-July 2009
Participants: 7 male, 12 female, ages 7-24

From June 16-18 the students  from the Rajef Society of Special Education had an opportunity to express themselves through the process of making art.  The students started the camp with face-masks that they molded onto each other faces with paper-mache- their faces all covered in paper-mache- was quite a laugh –then later decorated with feathers, stickers, and paint.  The day moved on with wall mural painting, where the students hand-printed the Jordan flag, drew flowers, and people. The staff and I had the great opportunity to witness a planed mural between the older the students- they each gave each other a role, of what to draw and paint; resulting in a great painting of desert mountains with a camel and flowers. Other activities were tie dying shirts with Tumeric and Habiscus, photo-frame decorating, and food art – making pizza faces, peanut-butter clay creatures and falafel eating fun.  After each activity many of the students were eager to share with others,what they have made.

As well, as the students having an entertaining time, the students were also able to put into practice in progressing their developmental skills  improving their self-awareness, self-expression, gross and fine motor skills, confidence, focus, and task sequencing.  Regardless of the severity of their disabilties the laughter as they scared each other with their mask, and the jumping up and down across the room of the enjoyment of seeing themselves on a picture with their classmates expressed an unlimited amount of feelings.


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