Aye Environmental Camp

Award Amount: $82.00
Volunteer(s): Sarah Chace
Locations(s): Aye
Dates(s): April 27-30, 2011
Participants: 10 female students, age 14-18

The Aye Environmental Camp involved ten girls in environmental awareness, appreciation and action in their small community of Aye, Kerak. The girls participated in a three day workshop that focused on environmental appreciation, local and national environmental problems, and solutions. Moreover, students used critical and creative thinking skills during the camp, which improved their ability to approach other problem solving situations.

The first day of the camp was an interactive lecture on the national and local environmental problems. The girls actively participated in discussion on the problems in Jordan and came up with various solutions. By the end of the day, the students came up with five promises, which were life style changes the Aye Girls Youth Center promised to make, in order to address the problems of waste management, water conservation, and pollution. In addition, each girl made a cut out of her hand and wrote her personal five goals for the year on each finger, and the hands were hung in the entrance of the center.

The second day was a clean up day, where the girls in groups of two picked up trash around the center. The also separated trash into a pile to be thrown away and a pile of trash that was used for art projects.

The third day was a celebration of the environment. Girls made trash to art projects with other artistic creations which expressed their appreciation and feelings towards their environment.



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