Earth Day Tree Planting in Gwaireh

Award Amount: $150.00
Volunteer(s): A. Sherbiny
Locations(s): Gwairah
Dates(s): March 2010
Participants: 30 male, 20 female

The trees that I planted in the village brought the community together, as more than fifty villagers volunteered to complete the project. Parents and kids were engaged in picking up trash, preparing the land, and planting and watering trees. I call this project “The Planting Festival,” a chance for villagers to have fun while improving the community.

The trees will add beauty and shade to the property, while hopefully it encourage villagers to make Gwairah green.  I used the trees as an example to promote environmental awareness in preparation for Earth Day. I celebrated Earth Day in school with my students and I invited all the community leaders. The Peace Corps program manager, program and training assistant, and PCV J12 attended the celebration. All guests were pleased with the work that I did in the community and appreciated my efforts to beautify the village. My Earth Day celebration was mentioned in the US Embassy’s newsletter.

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