English Art and Games Camp

Award Amount: $205.00
Volunteer(s): M. Madeley
Locations(s): Balila
Dates(s): June-July 2008
Participants: 120 girls, 7-17 years old

Training Camp and English, Art and Games Camp were two consecutive and related camps that were executed to fulfill several goals.  The objectives of the Training Camp were to plan the English, Art and Games Camp, and to train 20 talented, hard-working girls with whom I have been working throughout my service in working as a team and responsibility.  I taught them how to do each of the art projects and games I had in mind, and we tried them all out, including Duck Duck Goose, jump rope, Capture the Flag and a marble run.  They added their own ideas as well, and we did those too.  As a group, they decided on the camp schedule- when we would do each project.  They also each chose English warm-up activities for the English component of the camp.  Finally, they decided who would lead each activity, and who would help in which component each day.  I also worked with the girls on team-building activities that would help them work together, since each of those girls is very willful and not accustomed to working with so many other girls as talented as themselves.

The objectives of English, Art and Games Camp were to improve English skills, promote confidence and creativity in art, and to provide more ideas of fun ways for young girls to engage in physical activity.  100 girls from 3rd grade through 11th grade registered and participated in a daily schedule including an English activity, an Art project, and a new Game.  The last day of the camp, mothers were invited to attend as well.  In the art room, many of the art projects completed during the camp, such as play-dough sculptures, paintings, pencil holders, dream catchers, friendship bracelets and stained “glass” (waxed paper), were on display, and mothers were invited to take home their children’s work.  Then the graduation ceremony was held in a large room.  Each of the three groups performed a song and a skit, both in English and both prepared during the English sessions during the previous week.  Each participant received a certificate, and 15 participants received awards for their outstanding efforts.  All the English Team members who helped were also recognized and received a gift.

The Friends of Jordan grant enabled me to purchase materials, especially for the art projects, such as paint and paintbrushes, paper, posterboard, string, tape, glue, markers and chalk.  We also purchased rope to make 9 large jumpropes.  Thanks to the funds, this year’s camp was much more fun than last year’s, and all of the participants enjoyed the variety of activities that they had never had the chance to try before.


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