English is Fun Summer Camp

Award Amount: $90.00
Volunteer(s): L. Melindrim
Locations(s): Hussienieh
Dates(s): July 2009
Participants: 40 female students, ages 8-14

The camp combined language games, art projects, and sports activities.  The FOJ funds went to purchase markers, paints, scissors, paper, pencils, ingredients to make several batches of cookies, stickers, and some small prizes for the winning teams in different games.  I worked hard to make the younger girls feel comfortable participating in activities with the older girls, and by the end of the week even the shy ones were fitting in well.  Though some girls came and went on different days, there was a core group of about 25 girls who came for almost the whole time, which is much better student retention than I have ever had with my college classes.  Many of the girls told me that they had fun and that they hoped there would be camp again next summer.

Camels in PetraRoman Column in JerashThe Roman Amphitheater, Amman
The Monastery, PetraThe Kings' Highway
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