English Materials File

Award Amount: $52.00
Volunteer(s): E. Spiegel
Locations(s): Zbaireh, Shobak
Dates(s): July 2007
Participants: 2 Teachers

I used the FOJ funds to purchase four expanding file folders, contact paper, packets of different-sized envelopes and glue. Five expanding files were assigned to the specific grades 4-8 and the last was for miscellaneous teaching aids and worksheets for grades 1-3. Within each grade’s file, the pockets were labeled by unit in the English book. Within each unit I placed teaching aids labeled by grade, unit, and appropriate page number. Teaching aids filed in this manner were magazine and coloring book pictures demonstrating vocabulary words, flashcards, worksheets, and envelopes containing specific activities such as strip stories and matching games. Many of these visual aids were those that my counterparts and I had used over the past two years; some were new. Most were laminated with contact paper to protect them from wear. At the time of writing this report, classes have not yet started at school so there has been no opportunity to use the files in the classroom. However, my counterparts have looked through the files and familiarized themselves with what’s available in them. They understand the filing system and are excited to use more visual aids in their classes. I’ve also left all leftover materials (envelopes, contact paper, colored paper from my own collection) with them so that they can add to the available teaching aids without having to invest anything but the time it takes to make them.

I think the aides will be put to good use during the school year. The one thing I would recommend to another volunteer contemplating a similar project would be to do it earlier in his/her service than I did. That way it can be available while the volunteer is still present in the school to model its use, and materials can be added over a longer period of time to keep from having a huge workload all at once.

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