English Summer Camp Extravaganza

Award Amount: $150.00
Volunteer(s): J. Guajardo
Locations(s): Rashed
Dates(s): July-August 2008
Participants: 37 male students, 10-16 years old

The Rashed for Boys represented the first summer camp of its kind in the village and was successful in engaging both weak and strong students in fun, supplementary English activities.  While attendance was about half capacity, those who participated came away with strengthened English proficiencies and various life skills.  Remedial students learned about the complexities of English phonetics and expanded their knowledge of parts of speech.  The sole Tawjihi student in attendence, who had just finished 10th grade, scored 33% on the practice Tawjihi exam, a decent score considering he still has two years of intensive English grammar ahead of him.  However, the most impressive performance came from the participants in the core English and Leadership clubs.  English Club attendies learned to write daily journal entries and letters, as well as simple book reports, short stories, and newspaper articles.  Those in the Leadership Club developed skills in effective communication, decision making, conflict resolution, teamwork, and goal-setting.  Most impressively, they assessed the needs of the village and chose to implement a community service project in the form of peer-taught remedial classes for elementary students.  And of course, at the completion of all summer camps the fathers were invited to see the results of their children’s active participation during a small party and graduation ceremony.  The English Club students presented a play and the Leadership Club students presented short reports on various problems in the world with proposed solutions.  None of this would have been possible without the support of Friends of Jordan, in the form of the hundreds of worksheet/manual copies, many posterboards, a whiteboard, materials for students to make their own journals, coloring materials, a stereo for listening activities, and funds for the Leadership students to carry out their community service project.  My sincere thanks and thanks from my students for the time, effort, and donation by Friends of Jordan on behalf of the students.

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