English Teachers’ Workshop: Thinking Outside the Book

Award Amount: $150
Volunteer(s): N. Marwah, J. Hirshcy
Locations(s): Karak
Dates(s): August 2007
Participants: 103 teachers, ages 25-45

Thinking Outside the Book was a two-day workshop designed to supplement the Action Pack curriculum currently used in Jordanian public schools. The tactic of activity-based learning was well received by the school districts and English supervisors. The first day, we covered activity-based lessons for elementary grades (1st -5th ) using the four skills (reading, writing, listening, speaking). Day two covered secondary grades (6th -10th ) and was done in the same format. Additionally, we did sessions on class management, making worksheets, reasons students are learning English, assessment tools, teaching through games, as well as a brief session on replicating the workshop. During the sessions, teachers were divided into groups and told to brainstorm and come up with creative activities for certain subject matter. The participation and enthusiasm from the teachers was overwhelming and we were extremely pleased with the outcome and support we received from the district supervisors. The attendance was beyond what we had imagined and we were able to reach a large number of teachers in the two districts. The workshop was completed at the beginning of the 2007-2008 academic year, therefore enabling teachers to refresh material and start the year with new ideas.

The teachers also filled out evaluations for us and found the sessions on class management and making worksheets especially helpful. One teacher commented “The sessions were helpful because they were new, creative, simple, and easy to implement in class…” Another teacher wrote “thank you for the best workshop I have ever had…” Teachers also wrote about the importance of collaboration: “This workshop gave us time to learn new ideas and to share our ideas with our colleagues…”

All of FOJ funds were used to print manuals for the workshops.

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