Expand Your Mind Through English Camp

Award Amount: $100.00
Volunteer(s): M. Trogolo, A Ballestas
Locations(s): Ar-Rajef
Dates(s): June 2010
Participants: 55 female students

The first three days of the summer camp consisted of leadership training for the girls in ninth through eleventh grades.  The goal was to prepare these girls to politely help the younger girls to do fitness, English, and art activties; we really wanted the older girls to learn to facilitate, instead of just doing tasks for their fellow campers.  The girls really rose to the challenge!  They were enthusiastic and patient camp counselors for girls in the second through ninth grades.  Funds from Friends of Jordan were used to buy crafts supplies (i.e. paint, paint brushes, different types of paper, markers, glue, and scissors).  All of the participants enjoyed taking part  in an engaging activity over the summer  vacation, and the older participants developed their leadership skills.

Umm QuaysRoman Column in JerashThe Kings' Highway
The Monastery, PetraCamels in Petra
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