Habibi Program

Award Amount: $60.00
Volunteer(s): A. Ko
Locations(s): Dair Abi Sa'eed
Dates(s): June - August 2006
Participants: 39 male student, ages 12-19

The Habibi Program was implemented to raise participation in academic activities given by myself at the youth center. We based two activities, the Daily Question Program and the World Club, on the Habibi Program. This program used a token system which rewarded students for their participation and allowed them to exchange their tokens for prizes each Thursday.

The funds were used to buy enticing prizes like football jerseys, notebooks, hats, bizzur (sunflower seeds), pepsi and other small trinkets. Students would come to me and eagerly want me to check them off that they answered the question correctly or make sure that I saw their two pieces of information for the World Club. As a result of this program the youth learned about world geography, ways to transmit AIDS, local history of their town, world religions, main functions of their city, basic health practices, a little bit of business economics and some history of the youth center. One co-worker helped me facilitate the Daily Question Program, on days I weren’t in the center, and also the World Club. He is pictured in the first picture. His involvement helped the program a lot and gives me a small hope that he could continue it if he wanted to.

“Thank you for your support and for giving us volunteers a way to implement our programs if our center can’t support us financially.” – A. Ko

The Roman Amphitheater, AmmanFigsThe Kings' Highway
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