Health and Fitness Camp

Award Amount: $46.00
Volunteer(s): J. Love
Locations(s): Rajib
Dates(s): July 2007
Participants: 37 boys

The Rajib Summer Wellness Camp (RSWC) took place for 3 hours on Sundays through Wednesday over four weeks during the month of July, 2007. The camp benefited from a very large pool of volunteer facilitators as well as from a student leadership team.

Camp activities were four-fold including fitness, English, health, and community service. Every camp day began with 20-30 minutes of stretching and fitness warm-ups and concluded with 30 minutes of playing American Football, Frisbee, Capture the Flag, and Soccer.

During the second and third weeks of camp, participants engaged in one daily hour of English tutoring. The PCV and two English-speaking counterparts split the group into three equal groups and taught a specialized lesson focused on speaking and pronunciation, vocabulary building, and grammar.

Camp health instruction concentrated on four specific topics: dental hygiene, nutrition, exercise, and anti-smoking. Dental hygiene lessons included a hands-on demonstration of the proper method of tooth brushing; thanks to Friends of Jordan, each camp participant received a tooth brush and tooth paste to take home with them. The subject of
anti-smoking was covered by guest lecturer Dr. Zaki Zawaideh, was given an entire camp day to present the dangers of cigarettes. His presentation was followed by a sing-along song in English and Arabic entitled “The Healthy Trip” accompanied by the oud.

Participants spent a total of six hours designing, planning, and implementing two community service projects in their village. The students decided to work on the Rajib School Anti-Smoking Campaign and the Wadi Rajib Beautification Project. They placed “no smoking” signs at strategic locations around the school and spent the final camp day cleaning trash and litter from Wadi Rajib.

Participant and community satisfaction with the camp was very high. Facilitators learned the importance of communication and pre-planning. Next year, we will hold a pre-proposal conference to discuss plans for the camp and enroll all interested facilitators before submitting the proposal. Also, we will make team spirit a bigger part of camp activities in order to improve group cohesion.

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