Health and Fitness Center

Award Amount: $144.00
Volunteer(s): Richard McKinney
Locations(s): Mabarrat Um Al Hussein, Amman, Jordan
Dates(s): March 15, 2012-April 15, 2012
Participants: 45 women ages 18-47

To address inadequacies in health education and opportunities for women and children (the targets of this project), we used an empty space to create a twice-weekly yoga class. With Friends of Jordan funding we purchased 10 yoga mats, which was matched by an in-kind community contribution of additional yoga mats, light weights, and a separate donation of health and fitness charts from Chartex, an international distribution, that were dispersed through the yoga room where the women exercise.

With further donations and funding from the community and parnered organizations, we have been able to add to this project by building an adjoining gym to the yoga studio. Ideally, what was once an empty space that was rarely used will now be the focus of health and fitness activities.

Classes have already begun with resident and experienced teachers volunteering their time, and a regular following of women is developing. We hope that as word continues to spread, more women will join the yoga sessions.

Thank you Friends of Jordan!

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