Journalism Camp – Wadi Musa

Award Amount: $65.00
Volunteer(s): V. Muoio, M. Worthington
Locations(s): Wadi Musa
Dates(s): August 26, 2012 - August 30, 2012
Participants: 25 females, ages 13-19

The Wadi Musa Journalism Camp was a five day program for high school girls to  learn more about journalism, develop media and communication skills, and have fun! The camp focused on perspective taking, interviewing, ethics, brainstorming and writing, and constructive criticism. The camp was a combination of discussions and slideshows, group activities, and individual work, all centered around interviews the girls did with elderly women in the community who come to the Girls’ Center for our weekly “Grandmothers’ Club”.  Both the girls and the women loved the interview! The women were tickled pink that a room full of eager high school students were so excited to hear their stories, and the girls were amazed at what they learned. One camper later said “You know, the woman I interviewed is in my family– she’s my grandmother’s cousin– so I see her all the time. But normally we just talk about normal stuff. I never knew what she had been through in life.”  The interview provided material for the girls to write articles which will be published on-line in our upcoming fall journalism club!

Additionally, the campers had the chance to dialogue with four awesome, creative Jordanian college students and recent graduates who helped us facilitate the camp. Two of these young women are involved in investigative journalism and documentary film-making, and they talked to the girls about how they are able to pursue their passions and get their voices heard. It was inspirational for the girls to learn more about their academic and career options. One camper told me that before the camp, she had planned on doing the science track for Towjihi, but now she wants to do the literature (“adabi”) track so that she can study media in the future.

The girls’ enthusiasm for journalism and media has led to the creation of a weekly club held at the Markaz Shabat to practice their skills further and learn more about different aspects of journalism, like blogging and social media, photography, and film. It’s a great way to support the girl’s interests and work on the current YD Project Framework goals at the same time!

We used the funds from FOJ to buy activities supplies,  pens and reporter’s style flip notebook for each camper, and to do a lot of photocopying. We made surveys for each day in order to improve the curriculum, which we hope to use again in other parts of Jordan in the future. We also provided lunch every day. Thank you Friends of Jordan!

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