Mafraq Special Education Summer Camp

Award Amount: $98.59
Volunteer(s): S. Hubbell
Locations(s): Mafraq
Dates(s): August 2010
Participants: 9 male, 18 female

To engage our students socially during the summer months, the Mafraq Center for Training and Rehabilitation hosted a summer day camp for its students. We had seventeen students come to the camp funded by a grant from Friends of Jordan. At this camp, we incorporated art, sports, games, and a nice meal to encourage creativity, physical activity, social expectations (such as sharing and turn-taking), hygiene (hand-washing, teeth-brushing), and self-esteem development. Our activities included morning stretches, finger-painting, sports (balloon-pop and sack races), games (musical chairs and freeze-dance), face-painting, and balloon animals. We spread out each activity at stations throughout the center, with students moving through the stations in groups to keep the day organized. While our focus was on creating a fun environment for our students, we made sure to incorporate learning moments as well. We ended our camp with a falafel breakfast and afterwards distributing hygiene kits with toothbrushes and toothpaste for the kids to use. Friends of Jordan grant helped pay for all materials, including paint and paper, materials needed for the games, the breakfast, and hygiene kits.

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