Parent Training and Library Start-Up

Award Amount: $141.00
Volunteer(s): Mona Al-Soraimi
Locations(s): Mahis
Dates(s): June, 10, 2012
Participants: 3 female teachers, ages 25-55

On June 10, 2012 a few key women in the Mahis community were trained in interactive story telling and given 2 sets of books to start a community library at the local mosque.  After an in depth discussion on the importance of instilling a love of reading  in small children, Rana explained to the women how they can create a culture of reading in their own communities.  The logistics of creating a community library and weekly story time were discussed followed by training on interactive reading.  The participants each had an opportunity to practice reading using interactive storytelling techniques and given feedback by the trainer.  The funds were used to pay the trainer and for 27 colorful, glossy (Arabic) children’s books that will be used to start the community library and weekly storytelling.  The particpants are teachers at the local Girls Secondary School and will start the community library/storytelling at the local mosque closest to the school.  Starting July 1, when they begin summer classes, they will invite girls in their Tawjihi Home Economics class to bring their younger siblings between the ages of 4-10 to the local mosque every Sunday from 5:00 pm to 6:00 pm for weekly storytime.  By attending with their siblings, the older girls will gain interactive story telling skills and their siblings will be able to borrow a book of their choice for the week.


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