Photography Workshop

Award Amount: $150.00
Volunteer(s): M. Greer
Locations(s): Kom El-Ahmar
Dates(s): July-August 2006
Participants: 23 boys, ages 12-14

We held a photography workshop in July for 6th and 7th graders. Students learned to identify important images in their daily lives and, through photography, present those images to family, friends, and the outside world. Each student received his own disposable camera, attended workshop lessons, and took four pictures a day on their own. Concluding the workshop, students selected their best pictures and created a photo gallery in one of the schoolrooms to display their work.

FOJ funding covered expenses for 23 disposable cameras, film developing, a photography field trip to a nearby historic site, and miscellaneous supplies. One effective planning method was requiring a 1 JD ($US 1.41) contribution from participating students. This ensured attendees were invested in the project and also allowed requesting matching grant funding to cover project expenses. Another effective tool would provide some sort of incentive to get Jordanian adults involved. Their participation would help workshop activities go more smoothly.

As a result of the workshop, students improved their photography and presentation abilities, received pictures to share with their families, and visited a nearby historic site. After the workshop ended, both students and parents expressed gratitude for the activities. Lastly, I created Kom El-Ahmar School in English website to display the best of our photography, and hopefully use for student writing during the school year. Please visit the site to see the students’ pictures.

Camels in PetraThe Monastery, PetraThe Roman Amphitheater, Amman
The Kings' HighwayFigs
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