Portraits of Kom El-Ahmar Photography Exhibition

Award Amount: $150.00
Volunteer(s): M. Greer
Locations(s): Amman and Kom El-Ahmar
Governorate(s): ,
Dates(s): July-September 2006
Participants: 23 boys, ages 11-14

An additional FOJ grant was supposed to fund a second photography workshop in July 2006. However, delayed notification of grant status, difficulty contacting students after the school year, and lack of teacher commitment required a change in focus. Instead, the grant award was used to publish and exhibit the students’ photography. 35 photographs were professionally edited, enlarged, and printed to create a student exhibition. Arrangements were then made with the Canvas restaurant and art lounge in Amman, Jebel Lwebdiah to display the students’ work. Canvas was the ideal location because of its proximity to a local park and the National Gallery of Fine Art: it was the perfect destination for a student field trip.

Canvas even contributed lunch for the visiting students. The remainder of project funding was used to bring 24 students and two teachers on a trip to see their work displayed at Canvas, and visit the neighboring National Gallery and park. Despite the managerial challenges from 24 boys, all parties were thankful for the opportunities afforded by the trip. The story of our photography project, along with the student’s photographs are featured on the school’s new website: www.redhillschool.onesite.com.

Camels in PetraRoman Column in JerashThe Roman Amphitheater, Amman
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