Ramadan School Pride

Award Amount: $60.20
Volunteer(s): E. Spiegel
Locations(s): Zbaireh, Shobak
Dates(s): October - December 2006
Participants: 76 boys and girls, ages 6-14

To start, the school principal organized a school yard cleanup (trash pickup). All students spent one morning before school started cleaning up the school yard. Then, we used FOJ funds to laminate three wall maps to hang in older kids’ classrooms, purchase paint for alphabet murals in younger kids’ rooms and a Jordan map in the library.

Volunteers painted the alphabet murals, which were too high for kids to reach and also a little more intricate than most of the kids’ levels would allow. The Jordan map was painted by older students during free periods when their regular teacher was absent (with volunteer supervision). As a result of the project, the older students have greater experience, ability and confidence in painting, which several of them had never done before.

The school yard was completely cleared of trash for the first time, at least since I’ve been there. Since the initial clean-up, more garbage has accumulated but the principal has also organized smaller student clean-ups to address it periodically. The alphabet murals are hugely popular for the younger kids (who were very impatient to have them completed) and are used as a visual aid for alphabet and vocabulary practice by the English teachers.

Roman Column in JerashThe Monastery, PetraSpring Flowers in Dana Nature Reserve
Camels in PetraFigs
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