Recorders and Music Classes

Award Amount: $94.39
Volunteer(s): A. Girard
Locations(s): Taibeh, Wadi Musa
Dates(s): September 2006 - February 2007
Participants: 24 girls, ages 12-14

I purchased a class set of 9 plastic recorders. This is fewer than I had hoped, due to an unavailability of the least expensive recorders. I have had 2 groups to date. Each group consists of 8 girls and myself. We use sheet music from my personal collection. We started by learning how to play the basic notes of the recorder and how to read the corresponding notes on sheet music.

From there, we have been able to move into very simple songs. It is a very popular program, but the girls are not used to an activity like this and do not have the corresponding hand-eye coordination. It is slow going to develop the muscle memory necessary to further develop their skills with the recorder. The classes are still ongoing and a new class will start in February. Our goal is to learn to play the Jordanian National Anthem so that we can present it at future center activities.

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