Sentence Builders!

Award Amount: $25.00
Volunteer(s): K. Schott
Locations(s): Hashmieh
Dates(s): August 2008
Participants: 35 males, 10-15 years old

Sentence Builders was a writing baseed camp.  By using pictures and a small preselected vocabulary students praticed making their own sentences.  Funding from FOJ was used to provide each student with a set of 75 word cards divided into colors representing verbs, adjectives, nouns, and articles with English on one side and Arabic on the other.  By de-emphasizing rote memory of vocabulary students were free to focus on patterns of words.  Slowly through direct instruction, examples and games students learned to create their own unique sentences.  They progressed from simply identifying things they saw in pictures to connecting different pictures to write stories.  Over time they created more complex sentences by applying the patterns of colors they used in simpler sentences. By the end of the summer students were able to write short, grammatically-correct paragraphs.  A number of students commented that they brought the sentence cards home and practiced making sentences with their brothers and sisters.

Roman Column in JerashFigsThe Kings' Highway
Spring Flowers in Dana Nature ReserveThe Roman Amphitheater, Amman
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