Special Education Professional Training Workshop

Award Amount: $71.00
Volunteer(s): Daniel Fourness
Locations(s): Ebna Tafileh Center for Special Education
Dates(s): October 9, 2012
Participants: 30 female professionals

I and a fellow volunteer wrote and directed a workshop at the Ebna Tafileh Center for Special Education in Tafileh for our teachers and this, Moutah Center in Wasieh and the Al-Karak Center in Wasieh on October 9, 2011.  The workshop was based on the needs that I had observed in my first six months at site and was designed to both give us some context when we discussed issues at our centers with our teachers but also to deliver all of the information that we had been working on in a our students (academic vs. behavior focus).  Overall the training went very well and was well received by all teachers involved.  The grant provided me with more than enough money to put on the training.  35 dinars were used for the training, 9 for the refreshments that included tea, coffee and cookies with the rest of the 70 going to creating projects in the classrooms for the teachers in my center that relate to the training and to assist them in implementing the information in a relevant manner in their classrooms.

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