Sports and English Summer Camp

Award Amount: $112.00
Volunteer(s): K. Willey
Locations(s): Al-Mkaiftah
Dates(s): June-August 2009
Participants: 55 female students, age 9-14

Knowing that my students need not only a place to practice and learn new English skills, but that more importantly they need learning presented in a fun atmosphere and they need to achieve some noticable success in learning English, so that they are encouraged to contine learning.  I designed three special camps, one week each,  for different age groups (3th & 4th, 5 & 6th, 7 & 8th).  For the younger grades the camp focused on important phonics skills so that they can master the skill of reading and be ready to tackle the new curriculum in the coming grades.  For the older students, the English lessons focused on mastering basic skills and the focal point was a word competition which help the students to memorize and use the 1st-6th grade vocabulary so that they can be more focused and participate more in their regular lessons at school.  The lessons in these camps brought the students up to where they need to be, so that English class can be fun and it proved to the students that they can learn and make sense of English.


Most importantly these camps were fun.  Each lesson was followed by a game or competition to practice the skill learned.  And for the older two age groups half of camp time was dedicated to learning about and playing new sports and games.  The girls of my village do not get to play outside and are unfamiliar with sports and team games, but over the week we learned about and played basketball, volleyball, soccer, relay races, frisbee, dodge ball, and homerun derby.  This was the girls favorite part of camp.  At first they were timid and shy about trying the new sports and often a girl’s first response was “I don’t know how” or “I can’t”, but with some encouraging each girl tried the new games and had a great time.


In the end, camp was a great success with girls gaining experience in working together and trying new things, as well as, giving them an extra boost of encouragement with learning English.  I was so proud of the girls that completed this camp.  Each girl was rewarded with a certificate and small gift such as a coloring book or small toy.  As well, the top three girls of each group were rewarded with a dictionary or calculater to encourage them to continue their hard work at school and reward them for their effort.  Finally the fun doesn’t end now, because all the sports equipment and supplies purchased with FOJ funds will be donated to the school, so the girls can share what they learned with their friends at school and continue to learn and have fun all year.


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