Summer Camp and Garden

Award Amount: $150.00
Volunteer(s): J. Cho
Locations(s): Al Turra
Dates(s): July-August 2007
Participants: 31 girls, ages 14-16

The garden project at Al Turra Secondary School for girls was implemented as part of an English summer camp. The first week girls worked on english activities which focused on the environment. They designed the color scheme and placement of the gardens around the school, and strategized how best to implement the project. During the second week painting and construction began. The funds were used to purchase paint supplies, cement, cinder blocks, and dirt for the garden.

Overall I think the summer camp was a success. The garden turned out better than I could have hoped and the participation from the girls was very high. My initial concern was that the girls wouldn’t want to work or get their hands dirty. Fortunately for lack of opportunities to do just that, most of them were really excited. On a one to five scale,
five being the best, the average evaluation for the garden portion of the summer camp was a 3.8.

The support of Friends of Jordan also motivated the administration at the school to fundraise for the project. The money raised by the school went to the awnings you’ll see between some of the gardens. In addition I have talked to the art and home economics teachers who have agreed to dedicate class time to further painting and planting.

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