Teambuilding Camp

Award Amount: $130.00
Volunteer(s): A. Bates, B. Gebre-Medin, A. Sinclair
Locations(s): Salt, Wadi Al-Hor, Deir Ala'a
Dates(s): July-August 2006
Participants: 150 female, 150 male,

In January of this year, volunteers in the Balqa Area organized a week-long training camp for 39 promising male and female youth leaders, aged 16 and over.  During the camp, we trained youth leaders to conduct interactive workshops that focus on problem-solving through teambuilding activities and problem-solving through drama.  (We also produced a manual for youth leaders.  The Arabic and English versions of the manual can be viewed at  The training camp was an enormous success, and the youth leaders have taken the activities and teaching techniques that they learned and created a vibrant youth-led program.  They’ve formed a leadership committee that meets weekly to plan and debrief workshops, and they’ve organized follow-up training sessions to learn new teambuilding activities and improve their facilitation skills.   To date, they have conducted teambuilding and drama workshops for over 350 youth!   Workshop participants are gaining a more enriching and impacting summer camp experience and  youth leaders are learning valuable lessons in cooperation and program management.


We used USAID (SPA) funds to purchase portable custom teambuilding equipment from Project Adventure, a low-ropes course program in America.   Currently, four different youth centers are sharing this equipment and the boys and girls centers often want to use the same equipment at the same time.  We would like to use FOJ funds to replicate some of the most popular “challenges” (teambuilding tasks that groups work together to solve).  The challenges that we would like to replicate are described in detail in our Peer Educators Manual (  They include “Wooden Puzzle” (page 82), “Acid River” (page 90), “Spider Web” (page 106), “The Trolley” (page 120), and “All-Aboard” (page 130).  Since these challenges will be used on a regular basis by energetic Jordanian youth, they require quality wood and rope to ensure their longevity.  Additionally, we would like to use FOJ funds to purchase an assortment of supplies that the youth leaders often use for icebreaker games and discussion facilitation.  These items include: a plastic chicken (Chicken Ball, page 68, Steal the Chicken, page 78), a glitter stick (Talking Stick, page 144), an opaque sheet (Blanket Name Game, page 64), spoons (Spoonball, page 69), hula hoops (Hula Hoop Game, page 55, Balls in the Hoop, page 92), and post-it notes (Sticky Notes, page 134).


Currently, all of the teambuilding supplies are stored in a well-organized cubby closet at the Salt Girls Center.  The director of the Salt Girls Center gives first priority to her female youth leaders, and when boys and girls camps are scheduled at the same time, the boys are often unable to use the equipment that they want.  At a recent troubleshooting meeting, the boys suggested reproducing some of the most popular activities and storing them at the Salt Boys Center.  FOJ funds would purchase the supplies, and the boy leaders would donate their time to construct the challenges.  A local woodshop worker has also agreed to donate his services.   We hope that we can reward the initiative and drive of these inspiring young leaders and ensure that both the girls’ and the boys’ centers are set up for success.



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