Three Village Spelling Bee

Award Amount: $42.00
Volunteer(s): M. Pezzicara
Locations(s): Hofa, Qum, and Al-Kharaj Secondary Schools
Dates(s): December 2012
Participants: 15 boys

Along with 2 other volunteers in their respective villages, we held a 3 village Spelling Bee among the 6th grade.  The children were all given one month to prepare, and a week prior to the competition, each school choose 5 students to represent their school.  All the words were selected from the Action Pack Curriculum, with some harder words taken from outside the textbook if the selected vocabulary proved to be too easy for the students.  The competition format was taken by turns, with the students given an unlimited amount of time to spell their word.  The first round allowed for 1 mistake, with subsequent rounds not allowing any mistakes.  The final student was declared the winner.  All students receieved participation prizes, with the winner also taking home a trophy to his house for one night, and after it was displayed in the school.  The trophy will be passed around to other villages for subsequent competitions.  Funds were used exactly as planned, for the trophy, snacks, and transportation of students.  The trophy was the most expensive item, and will not need to be purchased again.  For subsequent competitions, the transportation will be paid for from school funds, leaving only a small cost for snack and juice.  Overall, the event was a complete success, which is why we have all decided to continue the competition on a monthly basis when school is in session.

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