Women’s Fitness Club

Award Amount: $60.00
Volunteer(s): M. Estrella
Locations(s): Ramtha
Dates(s): August-January 2009
Participants: 12 female, ages 14-30

The Women’s Fitness Club offered women in Ramtha an opportunity to take care of their health through exercise routines. In order to provide a variety in the exercises we did, I chose to do aerobics, yoga, dance, and pilates. Privy to attending the sessions, many of the women mentioned certain back, joint, and muscle aches. So, I decided to include massage therapy as a way to reduce the physical impact our sessions would have on their bodies.

Although the fitness club specifically catered to older women, my younger girls within the Youth Center began to show interest and so the program expanded. Overall, both women and girls really enjoyed the music, the exercise routines and certainly spending time together.

Thanks to your financial support, I was able to purchase yoga mats, a scale, and  fix the stereo system. Please note that I was able to take pictures of my younger girls, however my older participants were not comfortable having their pictures taken throughout our sessions.


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