World Map Project

Award Amount: $82.60
Volunteer(s): Richard McKinney
Locations(s): Mabarrat Um Al Hussein, Amman, Jordan
Dates(s): January 1, 2012 - February 5, 2012
Participants: 20 males, 3 females ages 6-18

The World Map Project was seen as an opportunity to educate the children of the Mabarrat Um Al Hussein orphanage about geography and their place in the greater context of the world. Staff and children entered the project very excited, and finished very proud of the work that they did.

The funds from the Friends of Jordan grant were used to purchase the paint and several brushes for the project. Evenings were spent with several different age groups of the boys from the orphanage, as well as community members and volunteers working on the map. A great result of the activity was the way that children began to recognize the true size of the world, and the place of Jordan within it. A truly wonderful activity, thanks to FOJ!

The Roman Amphitheater, AmmanUmm QuaysThe Kings' Highway
Camels in PetraFigs
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