Packing List

Please note that these aren’t requirements, almost anything can be purchased in Jordan but here is our unsolicited advice for people packing their bags to go live in Jordan as a Peace Corps Volunteer.

  • Real towel (they have them, but just grab your own…it’ll be more absorbent)
  • Pictures of home, either electronically or the old fashioned way. You’ll want to share them with Jordanians and then you have instant home décor.
  • That extra pair of shoes that you’re not sure if you should bring, especially if you have medium to large feet (the larger sizes are hard to come by in both women’s and men’s shoes). Make sure they are very comfortable for walking, and easy to take on and off, because many Jordanian houses are shoeless.
  • As with any trip, enough of your essentials to get you through the beginning stages until you can figure out where stuff is…we suggest at least a 3 month supply to get you through training.
  • Compact camping stuff (even if you are not a camper, these things may come in handy; plus, you will find there are amazing opportunities only available by camping in Jordan)
  • Sleeping bag (plenty of awesome camping in Wadi Rum; also useful when sleeping on the floor of a cold, fellow Volunteer’s cement house)
  • Air mattress… (not the Coleman 32” type – but again useful when sleeping on the floor of a cold, fellow Volunteer’s cement house)
  • Good tent that can be sealed (the air is dusty and windy, a nice protective tent is a luxury)
  • Good water bottle
  • Shammy (quick dry towel)
  • Reading material: take a few books with you to trade. This is your chance to read those big fat books you never thought you’d get to. However, if you are a junky for reading, choose some magazines and leave the checks and subscription cards for someone reliable to fill out once you know your final address. Be sure to give yourself a variety.
  • Camera— there plenty of digital and print development labs and places to buy good film.
  • Art Supplies — are available in Smeshani but very pricey.
  • Technology:
    • Computer—you most likely won’t be able to get internet access at home, and you can get cheap access to a computer at any internet café (and they are very prevalent all over). There are two schools of thought here, bring and not to bring, I brought mine and wouldn’t have had it any other way. There are at least two ISP in Jordan and although it is the old fasioned dial-up it is still useful.
    • Cellphone—get this in Jordan
  • Please note: St. Ives, Clearasil, Dial, Miracle Whip, Helman’s mayonnaise, Hershey’s products, Kellogg’s Cereals, Crest, Tampax, Broccoli, fresh mushrooms, avocados, and Tolberone are all available at one of the several Safeways or other big supermarkets … so have no fear – home is only a few Dinars ($) away. Asparagus is conspicuously missing.
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