April 6, 2014

Email  if you are interested to run for any of these office positions! The  positions include President, Vice-President, Treasurer, Secretary, Membership Coordinator, Program Coordinator, Fundraising Coordinator, Communications Coordinator. Elections are held in February of each year and officer terms start March 1.

(a) President

  • Arranges and conducts officer meetings
  • Acts as liaison between the organization, the community, the National Peace Corps Association, Peace Corps Washington and other National Peace Corps Association groups
  • Recruits officers if a position is vacated between elections
  • Ensures that the Bylaws are upheld
  • Presents a report of the Association’s activities at the annual meeting
  • Calls special officer meetings if/when necessary
  • Receives and approves, along with at least 6 members, amendments to the FOJ bylaws

(b) Vice-President

  • Assumes the position of President should the President resign, be removed from office, or require a temporary absence
  • Acts as a resource to the President
  • Coordinates nomination and election of candidates for vacant Board seats

(c) Treasurer

  • Has charge of all funds belonging to the organization
  • Receives, deposits and disburses funds as appropriate
  • Maintains financial records as appropriate
  • Writes quarterly and year end financial reports and submits them to the Secretary for distribution to Board members
  • Receives and enters new membership information (by mail and through NPCA), assigns expiration date and forwards information to the Membership Coordinator
  • Maintains Internal Revenue Service 501(c)3 status

(d) Secretary

  • Develops, maintains, and distributes the Association’s written records including bylaws, annual reports, and any other documentation of the Association’s structure and processes; acts as the liaison for the most current versions of these documents; and works with other officers to keep these documents up-to-date (example documents include the annual calendar, position descriptions, membership and renewal forms, and others)
  • Records meeting minutes from officer meetings and general meetings or ensures a substitute if planning to be absent
  • Archives records required by Maryland law; maintains tax-exempt status with the Maryland Secretary of State
  • Maintains Association membership with the National Peace Corps Association, including writing and submitting the annual organizational report to their offices in Washington, DC
  • Manage and maintain Association email account

(e) Membership Coordinator

  • Maintains Database: Enters information forwarded by Secretary/Treasurer into membership database
  • Provides new member contact/orientation
  • Liaises with existing members about any membership concerns
  • Answers non-member questions
  • Contacts non-members and encourages them to join
  • Writes articles in newsletter about the benefits of joining

(f) Program Coordinator

  • Plans or oversees Association programs, such as online membership discussion forums, educational or awareness campaigns, small-grants funding, or social gatherings. Arranges time and place of program events.
  • Encourages Association members to participate in programs and events.
  • Notifies Newsletter Editor of upcoming program events.
  • Coordinates program event publicity with the President.
  • Submits a report on each program event to Newsletter Editor for publication in next newsletter.
  • Develops new programs, events, or activities.
  • Oversees program committees, comprised of association members, established for the purpose of promoting one or more Association programs.

(g) Fundraising Coordinator

  • Consults with Board Members and establishes the target fundraising amount for the year
  • Develops and coordinates fundraising activities to meet the annual goal; example activities could include a banquet dinner, silent or on-line auction of Jordan related paraphernalia, pitches to other organizations with an interest in Jordan (such as the Jordan Embassy in D.C.), and the like
  • Works on funding for new programs that are not contained in the annual fundraising goal and other events that may arise
  • Maintains a network of member contacts from each volunteer service group (J-1, J-2, J-3, etc.) to serve as the person to approach association members if/when asking members to contribute individually

(h) Communications Coordinator

  • Publishes the Association’s newsletter on a regular basis and distributes the newsletter to the association’s membership, preferably by email
  • Solicits information for the newsletter from Officers, other members, National Peace Corps Association, Peace Corps Washington, Peace Corps Jordan, other Peace Corps Association groups, or other members of the community
  • Maintains the Association website so that the information is current and relevant
  • Responds to information requests submitted to the site
  • Makes sure all dues related to maintaining the site have been paid by the Secretary-Treasurer
  • Maintains communication with website host via e-mail
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